Friday, February 18, 2011

first entry..

assalamualaikum......gud evening..

wah,my first entry ni..actually,i setup this blog for other purpose but tend to be,that kind of matter had to be permanently deleted due to uncertain condition..

maknanye..dulu i set this blog utk 1 business purpose tp disbbkn that business mcm menipu org lain n promote less benefit,so have to be deleted la..

other purpose create blog?sbb ikut jejak langkah kwn2..i'm strictly in engineering field tp mcm gak kbykn geng yg lain,kami juga ade bakat menulis..eventhough utk self-satisfaction je..we'll discuss that later..

i rase cukup la utk first entry ni..i ni klu bg peluang b'ckp or menulis,mmg pyh nk berenti..klu x caya,tny kat kwn2 yg lain..

rase worth the time bila menulis kat blog ni..more to come..more to share..that'all for now..:)